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Tell us when and where you were born.

Julie was an All-American girl w/ lots of sex appeal.

Tell us about your hands and your face and your heart.

Julie had nice hands and when she would hold you and rub you and kiss you…

Tell us what made you feel good.

Sex w/ Marilyn

Marilyn was a Star but she kept it simple and Marilyn was wearing white flannel pjs.
Marilyn looked clean and healthy and Marilyn had a nice voice and you remembered her.
Marilyn and I jumped into bed and we cuddled.
I thought about having sex w/ Marilyn but holding Marilyn in my arms and feeling the warmth from her body made me feel good.
The morning came and Marilyn got up and she quickly left for the movie studio.
I woke up from my dream and I went to work.

Tell us what made you feel sad?

Julie and I were lovers and
we were great friends.
As time went by Julie and
I discovered different things and
we grew apart.
Julie and I were separated and
we went our own ways.
For the rest of my life I was truly
in love w/ Julie and
I knew that Julie was in love w/ me.

Did you ever fall in love?

Julie was the type of person who could love almost anyone.
Julie loved to love you.

Tell us about religion and you.

Bloss and Ma were practicing Catholics.
Bloss and Ma had six kids.
Julie and I were Catholics but
Julie believed in pro-reproductive rights.
Julie and I had no kids but
we were good in bed.

Give us a poem.

Santa Go Home

The holiday season was here again.
You were spending lots of time in bed.
Baby, you had the holiday blues and
you filled my holiday stocking w/,
sticks and stones and a lump of coal.
Santa go home.

I was angry w/ you for hurting me.
Time went by and I remembered,
the good things that you game me.
The holidays are a time when we can be together.
I forgive you for hurting me and
I forgive myself for being angry.
Santa come home, baby.

The holiday evening was here again and
Santa stopped by to say, “Ho! Ho!”
I loved you Santa for coming home.

How do you wish to be remembered?

Think strong and go deep.

Do you have anything else to share?

Julie was around during the sexual revolution.
Julie was a sexually liberated woman.

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