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Tell us what made you feel good.

Curvy Woman

Curvy woman is coming.
Curvy woman is coming down the street.
Curvy woman is the kind of woman,
I’d like to meet.
Hey there, Curvy woman.

You are the one.
You are my only one.
Curvy woman is my woman.
Curvy woman is my world.
I love you Curvy woman.

Let’s go to PT.
Let’s do Commercial Street.
Let’s go to the Governor Bradford,
let’s listen to the drag queens sing.

You have glowing skin.
You got the glam going on.
You ask me for romance.
I want to see you naked, naked,
baby, baby.

Come dancing.
Come dancing w/ me.
Girls will be boys.
Boys will be girls.
I love you Curvy woman.

Tell us what made you laugh.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes.
Baby wipes.
Why did you run-run from me?
Maybe it was something I said…
All Right.
“I’ll make my bed.”
Enuff said.
Baby wipes, come back to me.

It’s been so long.
So long.
Too long.
Come back baby.
Come back into my arms.

Let me hold you in my arms.
Let me fold you.
You made me happy.
You made me feel clean and neat.

It was time to watch some snowflakes fall.
Baby wipes, I loved you.
Clean your colon.
Clean your colon all.

Vinny 2019

Do you have anything else to share?

My Bud Light

I can make you laugh.
You can make me smile.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
My true colors are made of,
red, white and blue.
I like my Bud light.
You like my Bud Light too.
My Bud Light.


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