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Tell us about your hands and your face and your heart.

My cancer was a very personal disease and I wanted to
use my hands to remove the cancer from my body.

Tell us what made you feel good.

My second cancer surgery was more difficult than my first
surgery and the surgeon removed tissue from two spots on
my left leg and the lab said that there was no evidence that
the cancer had spread.
I had more life.

Tell us what made you laugh.

Elvis Eyes
You got shiny hair and
you got nice eyes.
I love your hearing your voice and I love listening to you.
Tell me how to unwrap a chocolate kiss.
You are healthy and you are sexual and
I love you.
Let me look into your eyes.
Baby, you got Elvis eyes.

You got nice legs and
you got a beautiful chest.
Give me your mouth and
let me kiss your lips.
Maybe we can go to a motel and
we can let our clothes fall off.
Just say ok.
Let me look into your eyes.
Baby, you got Elvis eyes.

Maybe we can head to Memphis, Tennessee.
I will be your queen and
you can be the king.
We can sing Blue Christmas together.
Let me look into your eyes.
Baby, you got Elvis eyes.


Tell us what made you feel sad?

I had stage one melanoma and the surgeon removed the tumor.
The surgeon called and she said that I needed to come to her office to talk about the pathology.
I saw the surgeon and she said that the melanoma had become stage two and I needed to take a couple of test and maybe more surgery.
I felt a feeling deep inside of me and I felt worried and scared.
I said “crap” and I could tell that the surgeon read the unhappy look on my face.
I had a decent life and an uneventful life but at least I wasn’t the eight year old boy that died in the
Boston Marathon bombing.

Did you ever fall in love?

The doctor put me on Chemo.
The Chemo was very powerful.
The Chemo made me impotent.
“Oh well,” I thought, “At least I didn’t have to flog my dolphin.”

Tell us about religion and you.

The surgeon said that for the rest of my life the Dr's
needed to check on me but that I had no cancer...
So I'm a believer...

Give us a poem.

Rain on Sunday

We went to the Cancer Center and
nurse Jane gave me some ibuprofen.
I turned on a TV and Jane,
hooked me up to a machine and
she pumped some chemo into me.
We left the Cancer Center and
my body felt fatigued and
I rested on the living room sofa and I watched TV.

My chemo gave me a headache.
My chemo made me shiver.
Jane had me take ibuprofen for pain.
I got to sleep and
I had strange dreams.
Things felt like rain on Sunday.

We went to the Cancer Center again and
Jane gave me my chemo.
We saw Gloria at the Cancer Center and
she had leukemia.
Gloria was wearing a hospital mask and
she looked vulnerable.
I thought about Gloria and her hospital mask.
I wondered if my cancer was spreading and
was I going to die?
Things felt like rain on Sunday.

My doctor said that my melanoma was gone.
We showered up and we left the gym.
We went outside and the rain was gone,
and things felt good inside.

How do you wish to be remembered?

Be Selfish
Kelly had a sister named Katie.
Katie had been ill and she had stopped smoking for three weeks but her fingers were swollen and she had belly pain.
Katie was on medication.
Katie was a manager at a McDonald’s restaurant and she was returning home from work when she had
a car accident and Katie died in the car crash.
We went to the cemetery to see Katie being buried.
Kelly saw me at the cemetery and she gave me a hug.
Kelly held a tissue in her hand and Kelly and her friends were crying.
Kelly had been thinking about Katie over and over and Kelly had been eating and drinking a lot.
I was worried about Kelly’s mental health.
I was close to my Dad and when he passed away I was filled w/ pain.
I decided to be selfish and I stopped thinking about Dad and I began to feel better.
Kelly and I were in our fifties and people we knew had died.
One day Kelly heard me talking about death and Kelly became upset.
Kelly said,”All you ever do is talk about people dying. You’re a weirdo.”
Kelly needed to be selfish and I know that Katie would have wanted it that way.

Do you have anything else to share?

I had cancer and my cancer made me feel like it wasn't
right to be w/ a woman.

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